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Grand Canyon Rafting Tours


button-view-ratesGrand Canyon Rafting Tours – Experience an incredible day trip which includes a spectacular scenic flight by airplane over the Grand Canyon National Park, Colorado River and Lake Powell.

horseshoe-bend Grand Canyon RaftingAfter landing in Page, Arizona, you will go on a professional guided tour of upper Antelope Canyon, an iconic slot canyon often photographed and seen in magazines and travel guides nationwide.

Become enamored as you gaze upon the red rock carved walls with beautiful and stunningly radiant colors during your Grand Canyon Rafting tour.

After that you will continue on your fun-filled journey and board a river raft at the bottom of the historic Glen Canyon Dam which was built in 1963 for a 15+ mile smooth water float along the Colorado River.  You will swing around the iconic Horseshoe Bend and experience a view that few others get a chance to see!

learn-more-buttonAs you float down the Colorado River you will witness the rock formations and the canyon walls of Grand Canyon’s upper section that rise hundreds of feet above you.

During this time you will stop during your Grand Canyon rafting trip to see ancient petroglyphs of the Ancestral Puebloans (Anasazi) with teaching and interpretation from your expert river guide.

Your trip will then conclude with transportation through the Navajo Indian Reservation and back to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport with a stop at historic Cameron Trading Post which was built in 1916, with views of the Little Colorado River and its narrow Gorge.

Grand Canyon Rafting


These type of tours are just ONE thing we can add to your tour! 

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Besides just grand canyon rafting tours, there are lots of additional things we can add to your Southwest Christian Tour.  Some of these include: Smooth water float trips on the Colorado river through Grand Canyon.  Plane flights to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Hoover Dam, or Lake Meade.  Helicopter tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon.  Grand Canyon south rim helicopter tours.  Grand Canyon jeep tours.  Or even tours to Grand Canyon from Phoenix, Arizona.  There are lots of Colorado river and Grand Canyon tours available that include helicopter, rafting, airplane, bus, or jeep tours. 1 day rafting trips in the Grand Canyon from Page, AZ.  Lake Powel boat tours that include helicopter flights over Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Rainbow Bridge.  Antelope Canyon tours from Grand Canyon.  Glass Skywalk tours with a helicopter flight to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

grand-canyon-tour-add-ons Grand Canyon Rafting


Additional tour add-ons can include a number of tours to Grand Canyon and the surrounding southwest area, including:

Grand Canyon helicopter tours, Grand Canyon Airplane tours, Grand Canyon smooth water river rafting trips, 1-day Grand Canyon Rafting, Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix, Grand Canyon Tours from Page, Grand Canyon Tours to the South Rim, Grand Canyon West Tours, Glass Skywalk tours, Helicopter tours to the bottom of Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam helicopter tours, Lake Meade tours via helicopter or airplane, Helicopter tours over Lake Powell, Tours to Antelope Canyon, Tours to Glen Canyon Dam, Bus tours from Las Vegas, Helicopter tours from  Las Vegas, Bus tours from Phoenix, Arizona desert tours, and many more!  If you’re in the Grand Canyon or Arizona area and are interested in adding additional tours to the days your are hear just let us know and we can help plan the perfect trip and itinerary for you.