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Grand Canyon West Tours

button-view-ratesGRAND CANYON WEST TOURS – Experience the awe and wonder of seeing the Grand Canyon from the west side and its famous Glass Skywalk!

grand-canyon-skywalk Grand Canyon WestSince it opened up to operations 1988, the Grand Canyon West Rim has seen dramatic growth in the past decade and has become a truly wonderful place to experience the vastness and views of Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon West Rim hosts over 300,000 visitors every year from various countries around the world!

The Grand Canyon West Rim tours offer a variety of memorable activities including scenic Grand Canyon helicopter flights to the bottom of this iconic canyon, West Rim tours to the Glass Skywalk with views thousands of feet right below where you’re standing, exciting boat rides along the glistening Colorado River, and even SUV and guided horseback trail rides along the Grand Canyon’s easily accessible west rim.

learn-more-buttonHelicopter flight tours of the Grand Canyon are simply one of the very best ways to experience the Grand Canyon in all of its breathtaking and awe-inspiring glorious beauty. Don’t simply take the word of friends and family or even pictures – this is truly something you will want to see for yourself. Offering a wide array of tours, you will see what everyone’s been talking about and why this is a trip of a lifetime!

Grand Canyon West


These type of tours are just ONE thing we can add to your Southwest Christian Tour! 

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Besides just tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim, there are lots of additional things we can add to your Southwest Christian Tour.  Some of these include: 1 day rafting trips in the Grand Canyon from Page, AZ.  Lake Powel boat tours that include helicopter flights over Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Rainbow Bridge.  Antelope Canyon tours from Grand Canyon.  Glass Skywalk tours with a helicopter flight to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Smooth water float trips on the Colorado river through Grand Canyon.  Plane flights to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, Hoover Dam, or Lake Meade.  Helicopter tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon.  Grand Canyon south rim helicopter tours.  Grand Canyon jeep tours.  Or even tours to Grand Canyon from Phoenix, Arizona.  There are lots of Colorado river and Grand Canyon tours available that include helicopter, rafting, airplane, bus, or jeep tours.


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