Duration: 5-6 Hours
Location: Red Mountain Volcano and Lava River Cave
Price: $200 Flat Fee
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Experience the thrill and excitement of exploring the inside 2 very different volcanoes! extreme volcano tours guatemala difficult

Departing from Flagstaff at 8:00 am we will arrive at Red Mountain for a 20-30 minute easy hike into the collapsed face of this volcano.  While walking up the trail you can look for black obsidian glass beads and other rocks spewed from the up-welling of once deep magma.  Along the way, you will learn about the various plants, trees, and animals that inhabit this unique area.

When we reach the inside of the volcano you will be enamored by the many spires, spines, and hoodoos that surround you.  Up close you will be able to study the inner plumbing of this once active lava dome, which has long been extinct.  With stunning geological formations and a great view of the San Francisco peaks in the distance, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

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Once back from Red Mountain Volcano we will drive back through gorgeous white-barked quaking Aspen trees and into cool Ponderosa pine forests for a picnic lunch together before we venture to our next great volcano experience, Lava River Cave.  We will delve deep into the earth as we descend nearly a mile into an extinct, hollow lava tube.  This unique volcanic cave is pitch black and stays very cool year-round.  With summertime temperatures in the mid 40’s it’s a stark contrast and refreshingly brisk compared to the outside air.

After climbing down about 30 feet of rock slabs and natural steps the cave opens up into a vast expanse.  As we venture through this cave of once-flowing lava you will see cooling cracks, lava “stalactites”, and what appears to be a river of rock now solidified in place.  The cave is full of adventure and intrigue as the passage forks in different directions and then eventually closes off at the end of our destination.

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This guided trek into the earth includes narrated discussion about the volcanic origins of the surrounding San Francisco peaks and the regional geology seen in the Flagstaff area.  Few people have heard about this cave, and for years it has remained a hidden gem known only to locals.

As we return and climb back into daylight you’ll be amazed at just how bright and warm the outside world is!  Often a very favorite with guests, lava river cave is one you’ll be talking about for years to come!



Red Mountain Volcano – EasyEasy

  • 20-30 minute easy hike with only slight incline and a 6′ wooden stair climb at the end.


ModerateLava River Cave – Moderate

  • First 30 feet of the descent into the mouth are the most difficult due to moderate clearance and the possibility of damp rocks.  The remainder of the cave is moderate due to rough knobbly rocks in places and a few low overhangs that require ducking/crouching to go through.


  • Tour departs Flagstaff, AZ at 8:00 am.  With pick-up at your hotel or location.  Tour duration is typically 5-6 hours.
  • Bottled water will be provided.  Feel free to bring your own water bottle or camelback if desired.
  • We will provide 2 flashlights for everyone, but feel free to bring your own or a headlamp.
  • Sturdy closed-toed shoes are required.  NO TOM’S, FLATS, or SANDALS.  Shoes will get scuffed in Lava River Cave due to the rough pumice rocks.  We recommend footwear that you don’t mind getting scuff marks and scrapes on.
  • Flat group rate is for 1-4 people in our tour SUV.   Additional guests (up to 7 total) may be added at $25 per person.
  • Flat group rate remains the same for unlimited group size with guide in your vehicle(s).
  • You may bring your own food for lunch, or have us provide box lunches for an additional fee of $8 per person.

Red Mountain Volcano Flyover